Eyelid surgery

The eyelids provide protection for the eyes as well as expression for the face. Changes to the eyelids are noticeable and troublesome. Eyelids can be droopy, rolled in or out. In addition tumours can affect the eyelids. Blepharoplasty surgery is a very commonly performed procedure which can rejuvenate the face. Dr Cunneen has special training in oculoplastic surgery and is a member of Australian New Zealand Society of Oculoplastic Surgery.


Droopy eyelids occur commonly as people age. This can be cosmetically undesirable, but can also impede your peripheral vision. Treatment depends on the precise nature of the problem but can involve blepharoplasty to remove redundant skin, brow lifting, fat repositioning and levator advancement. Any surgery performed will be discussed with you at length and tailored to your particular needs.

Brow lifting

Brow ptosis, where the eyebrows droop overtime, often contributes to the lateral eyelid hooding which people find so troublesome. It is important to address this in combination with an upper lid blepharoplasty where it is present.

Lower lid blepharoplasty

Lower lid blepharoplasty addresses the redundant skin of the lower lid as well as any fat pad prolapse or “bags” which may have developed. Modern techniques involve preserving lower lid fat and repositioning or redraping it such that the eyelids maintain a youthful, full appearance.


Ptosis is a condition in which the height of the eyelid is lower, not just an excess of skin above the eyelid. It can occur in isolation or associated with excess skin. Occasionally serious, or even life threatening conditions cause ptosis and as such no matter who does your surgery, you should ask for an ophthalmic surgeon to evaluate you.


Ectropion or eyelid rolling out can be caused by multiple factors. It can result in eyelid
irritation, watering and is often unsightly. Surgical repair addresses the underlying cause of the ectropion, whether that be scarring, stretching of the tissues, nerve palsy or occasionally tumours pulling the eyelid down.


Entropion or eyelids turning is a distressing condition that irritates the surface of the eye. It is caused by a variety or factors including aging and stretching of the periocular tissues, or by scarring of the conjunctiva which drags the eyelid in. Treating entropion generally involves tightening the lower eyelid as well as rolling the eyelid out with sutures. The procedure is quick and very effective.

Eyelid tumours

There are many benign and malignant tumours which can occur in the periocular region. The safest approach is to have the lesion assessed and if necessary have a small tissue sample taken and sent for analysis. Reconstruction may involve simple suturing, skin flaps or skin grafting. Oculoplastic surgeons have specific training in reconstructive techniques of the eyelid.

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